Friday, March 30, 2012

Such! Dress Collection!

Assalamualaikum beautiful! we are pleased to offer you our latest collection :) Specially designed by Suci Utami herself, Side Wing Obi Dress is suitable for family or friends gathering. Available in two colors, Red and Green-Brown, these dress cost you IDR300.000 :)
 Side Wing Obi Dress Green-Brown; IDR300.000

 Side Wing Obi Dress Red; IDR300.000

Below is Such! Wavy Top Tosca-Deep Blue combine with Such! Basic Dress Deep Blue, not only for young energetic women, these combination also suitable for pregnant mommy, hihi ;) You can get bundle price for this combination for IDR500.000. So worthy! ;)

Such! Wavy Top available in Gray-Black, Tosca-Deep Blue, Green-Choco, Hot Pink, Purple-Maroon, Mint Green, Plain Green & Plain Purple.
Such! Basic Dress available in Blue, Tosca, Fuschia, Hot Pink, Maroon, Purple, Green Moss, Choco, Mint Green, Deep Green, Soft Pink, White, Deep Purple, Gray, Green & Red.

Such! Wavy Top (IDR285.000); Such! Basic Dress (IDR235.000); fabric: cotton jersey

Friday, March 23, 2012

NEW ARRIVAL: Confidence in Colors!

Assalamualaikum beautiful! as we reach our first anniversary a month ago, we announce our new color palette of Cotton Cloth Pashmina (CCP) and Inner Scarf Ninja!
All of these collection is specially made for you, our beautiful hijabers :)

Be Bold, Be Beautiful! and raise your Confidence in Colors!

New CCP color pallette:

New Inner color pallette:

Please note that starting from 24th of March 2012, the price for CCP is changed to IDR 55.000 for basic and IDR 65.000 for DENIM.
While the price for Inner is changed to IDR 65.000

We really appreciate you as our beautiful and loyal customers, all these changes are intended for the good of us all.
We cherish your understanding and cooperation :)
Thank you very much beautiful!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

SUCH! NEW COLLECTION: Be Bold, Be Beautiful

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 
Finally, we're here.. representing you our new collection called Bold and Beautiful. Why so? We give you a wide range of color choice which mostly bold color. Bold color will give you extra confident that might drives you to be a more beautiful person, not only from the outside..but most important from the inside. 

A super comfy combo that will create an effortless style whenever you wear them. You may wear them to special occasions or even only to pump up your style while you were drooling through the mall. These combo came with 2 options, you can buy them separately or in bundle with of course cheaper price! 

Material: Two Tone Cotton Jersey, good news! The veil vest is 2 in 1 color. So you can choose which color you want to rock!
Colors: Tosca, Choco, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Black, Red
Price: Long Veil Vest IDR 250.000,-  Basic Wing Dress IDR 250.000  Bundle IDR 475.000,-





These pieces will give you a more edgy look. The batwing top is suitable for everyone, from girls to women. The cape as well, it gives you a more edgy and daring looks especially when it combines with hi waist flare pants. Made from stretchy cotton that gives you a very comfortable feeling everytime wearing it.


 Batwing Top also available in Fresh Flowery pattern. 

Woohoo, our most favorite collection so far! The pattern and color are so fresh! yes it is.. We can't wait to see one of you beautiful customer wearing one of these. In love!

Combine the Flamy Outer with Basic Wing Dress Red.. Stunning!


Another new comer from us, Two tone Wavy Top... A top with two different color between the front and the back side with unique cut on the side of the cloths. Its wavy, its unique, its beautiful! Combine it with long dress, pants or long skirt.. it will work perfectly!
Available in: Black, Gray, Creme, Red, Choco, Tosca

Bubbly Top, all size and suit everyone! Really suitable for daily activities, hangout with friends, islamic study, etc. Simple yet stylish if you combine with your most favorite pants! No doubt.. 


To order, please click here and fill out the order form. 
All collections are available in limited stock. 
For more detail about each collections, you may email us at:
or you may request our Customer Relations Officer Blackberry PIN through email as well. 

Sartika Putria, Eckie Annisa, Indah Novianti, Syntamira
Photographed by: Alfred Photography
Make Up by: Irma Novita (@nengirmanovita) 
Accessories by: Jingga Pernik  (@jinggapernik)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: Beautiful Participants!

Assalamualaikum beautiful! Berikut ini video-video hijab tutorial yang dikirimkan oleh peserta lain.
Walaupun mereka ga berhasil menjadi pemenang, tutorial hijab yang mereka peragakan ga kalah stylish lhooo.. :)
Silahkan liat videonya yaa, siapa tau diantara ada diantara video mereka yang bisa memberimu inspirasi tuk mengkreasikan gaya hijab yang unik, kreatif, tapi tetep syar'i.
So dearest hijabers, please enjoy their videos below.. :)

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: Simpul CCP (Cotton Cloth Pashmina) by Desta Yusan

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: Hijab Tutorial Earring by Rosya Putri

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: Hijab Tutorial by Benazir Noor

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: Hijab Tutorial by Andari Putri

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: Tutorial Paris by Nela Mulsifa

Behind the Scene: Such! Upcoming New Collection!

Here some pictures for our upcoming Such! New Collection!

Insyaallah we will launch our latest collection by the end of this month.
So beautiful, keep updated yaa :)

Such! Hijab Tutorial Competition: The Winners!

These are videos of the winners of our first hijab tutorial competition that was held from 9th February until 1st March 2012.
Congratulation to Indah Riyanti Putri, Maryah Ulpah and Ressa Zulfika for winning the competition :)
We're hoping that their hijab can be stylish, comfortable, syar'i and also can inspire you to create your own hijab style.
Please enjoy :)

Hijab tutorial by Indah Riyanti Putri (@indahrp) using Such! Printed Scarf

Hijab tutorial by Maryah Ulpah (@Maryahulpah) using Such! Printed Scarf

Hijab tutorial by Ressa Zulfika (@RessaArch) using Such! Cotton Cloth Pashmina

All the best for the winners and all participants who had enliven this competition.
Hopefully we can meet again in the upcoming competition with better format and prizes ;))
Thank you beautiful, Assalamualaikum :)