Monday, December 29, 2014

3 Days Sale 25% OFF!

  • Inner Ninja IDR49,000
  • CCP IDR42,000
  • Cerutti IDR53,000
  • Pattern Scarfs IDR68,000
  • Cashmere IDR75,000
  • Nafla Intant IDR75,000
  • Two-Tone Shawl IDR38,000
  • Wide Shawl IDR75,000

  • Hanna Jacket IDR330,000
  • Alana Top IDR220,000
  • Ellie Cardi IDR170,000
  • Bella Dress IDR300,000
  • Nafla Dress IDR170,000
  • Bow Pallazo Pants IDR210,000
  • Danish Skirt IDR225,000
  • Sahara Skirt IDR230,000
  • Elsa Dress IDR285,000
  • Lilac Skirt IDR220,000
  • Jean Cardi IDR165,00
  • Coryna Dress IDR250,000
  • Sheer Long Outer IDR215,000
  • Nameera Jumpsuit IDR245,000
  • Shabee Pants IDR150,000
  • Feroce Pants IDR215,000

  • Sabeena Outer IDR225,000
  • Sabeena Dress IDR245,000
  • Tisha Shirt IDR215,000
  • Diana Outer IDR260,000
  • Sofie Skirt IDR255,000
  • Lily Pants IDR170,000

Above are products with discounted price, please send email for available color.
Thank you.

#happySUCHthing beautiful :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New product: ASKANA Instant Shawl!

Assalamualaikum beautiful! Happy weekend!

Introducing ASKANA instant shawl!

ASKANA give you an effortless yet comfortable way to be stylish with instant hijab. Grab them fast! Happy shopping :)

Material: Soft Velvet and Spandex silk
Price: IDR 135.000
Color: Black, Creme, Gray, Navy
Hint: Collect all colors ;)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Such! Year End SALE Up To 50% OFF!

Assalamualaikum beautiful!
Enjoy our Year End SALE Up To 50% off for selected products!
Limited only 1-5 stocks per product/color!

~ 25% OFF ~

 Alana Top Lavender is now IDR215,000
(before was IDR289,000)

Alana Top Khaki is now IDR215,000
(before was IDR289,000)
Ellie Cardi Black is now IDR170,000
(before was IDR225,000)
Shabee Pants is now IDR150,000
(before was IDR199,000)

Ellie Cardi Dark Blue is now IDR170,000
(before was IDR225,000)
Bow Pallazo Pants Soft Turquoise is now IDR205,000)
(before was IDR275,000)

 Bow Pallazo Pants Milk Yellow is now IDR205,000
(before was IDR275,000)
Also available in Stone Gray, Peach, Powder Blue & Summer Pink

Sahara Skirt Khaki is now IDR230,000
(before was IDR305,000)

Sahara Skirt Deep Pink is now IDR230,000
(before was IDR305,000)

 Danish Skirt Deep Pink is now IDR225,000
(before was IDR299,000)

Danish Skirt is now IDR225,000
(before was IDR299,000)
Sheer Long Outer Peach is now IDR215,000
(before was IDR285,000)

  Sheer Long Outer Soft Turquoise is now IDR215,000
(before was IDR285,000)
Also available in Summer Pink
Nameera Jumpsuit Purple is now IDR245,000
(before was IDR325,000)

Nameera Jumpsuit Maroon is now IDR245,000
(before was IDR325,000)
Also available in Khaki

Wide Shawl Green is now IDR75,000
(before was IDR100,000)

~ 30% OFF ~

Alexa Top Fuchsia is now IDR205,000
(before was IDR289,000)

Jean Cardi Fuchsia is now IDR155,000
(before was IDR219,000

Hanna Jacket Fuchsia (M/L) is now IDR310,000
(before was IDR439,000)

Hanna Jacket White (M) is now IDR310,000
(before was IDR439,000)

Lilac Skirt Fuchsia is now IDR205,000
(before was IDR289,000)
Also available in Gray

~ 50% OFF ~

Flowery Outer Peach is now IDR205,000
(before was IDR425,000)

Two Tone Scarf is now IDR50,000
(before was IDR100,000)
Available in Choco Green & Black Pink

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We are open for Pre Order!

Assalamualaikum Beautiful!
We are open Pre Order for following collections:

Maxi Drape Skirt

Bella Outer

Elsa Dress

Bella Dress

Colors available to choose:

Summer Pink                        Dusty Pink                           Turquoise

Maroon                               Neon Gum

All collections comes in All Size (M-L)
Materials are Cerutti with furing.
Estimation Product Delivery in 3-4 weeks (24 November - 1 December 2014)

Please fill our order form below to join the Pre Order :)
Happy Such! thing Beautiful!