Monday, December 29, 2014

3 Days Sale 25% OFF!

  • Inner Ninja IDR49,000
  • CCP IDR42,000
  • Cerutti IDR53,000
  • Pattern Scarfs IDR68,000
  • Cashmere IDR75,000
  • Nafla Intant IDR75,000
  • Two-Tone Shawl IDR38,000
  • Wide Shawl IDR75,000

  • Hanna Jacket IDR330,000
  • Alana Top IDR220,000
  • Ellie Cardi IDR170,000
  • Bella Dress IDR300,000
  • Nafla Dress IDR170,000
  • Bow Pallazo Pants IDR210,000
  • Danish Skirt IDR225,000
  • Sahara Skirt IDR230,000
  • Elsa Dress IDR285,000
  • Lilac Skirt IDR220,000
  • Jean Cardi IDR165,00
  • Coryna Dress IDR250,000
  • Sheer Long Outer IDR215,000
  • Nameera Jumpsuit IDR245,000
  • Shabee Pants IDR150,000
  • Feroce Pants IDR215,000

  • Sabeena Outer IDR225,000
  • Sabeena Dress IDR245,000
  • Tisha Shirt IDR215,000
  • Diana Outer IDR260,000
  • Sofie Skirt IDR255,000
  • Lily Pants IDR170,000

Above are products with discounted price, please send email for available color.
Thank you.

#happySUCHthing beautiful :)


  1. Promo ini msh berlaku sist?
    Utk nafla instan n nafla dress nya msh restok?

    1. udah ga berlaku say
      untuk kedua produk tersebut udah ga restock

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