Friday, April 4, 2014

Everyday Delivery!

Assalamualaikum beautiful!

To improve our service in delivering your package and also to serve you better and better, from now on delivery day will be done EVERYDAY from Monday to Saturday! Yihaaa ;D
Hopefully this change will make you more satisfy with our service.

Happy Such! thing beautiful!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Such! Goes To The Netherlands!

Assalamualaikum beautiful!

We are proud to announce that our products are now available in the Netherlands!
For you who lives in Europe in particular, now can order our products directly through HAZANAH STORE :)

You may go to their Facebook page and like their page to get full updates about their activities..
They are now also having an International Giveaway until 6th April 2014, you can check it here.

Hopefully with the availability of our products in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, can satisfy all Muslims who want to get good quality and stylish hijab products yet still shari'ah and affordable.

Last but not least, hope this partnership can last long and also at the same time open the way for us to be more socially acceptable in other country or continent, InsyaAllah, aamiin ya robbal alaamiin..

Assalamualaikum beautiful!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Such! New Collection: Vibrant Monochrome

Assalamualaikum beautiful!
Coincides with our third anniversary, we proudly present Such! New Collection: 
Vibrant Monochrome
When aging is a certainty, growing up is an option. We offer you maturity in design, color and fabric.
By becoming a mature women, becoming a more perfect you.
Now please welcome our latest collection..

Details: Danish Skirt
Material: Cotton Ima
Size: All Size
Color: Sand | Mustard
Price: IDR299,000


Size & colors for all collections are vary.
Stock also very limited, so don't hesitate to make order now.
Please note that the colors in picture and actual might be different.
For detailed information, please email to:
Thank you :)

Models: Farhana Hakim (Such! Model Hunt 3 winner)
Suci Utami (Such! owner)
Photographed by: Jaeni Kurniadi
MUA by: Yunita

Such! 3rd Anniversary! Enjoy 30% discount only at!

Assalamualaikum beautiful!

Gak nyangka klo hari ini, 10 Maret 2014, bertepatan dengan milad Such! yang ke 3!
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah, atas kesetiaan kalian semua kami dapat terus memberikan produk-produk yang berkualitas dan nyaman digunakan :)

Semoga tahun ini dan tahun-tahun berikutnya Such! dapat terus berkarya dan menghasilkan produk-produk yang tidak hanya semakin nyaman & berkualitas, tapi juga makin syar'i dan bermanfaat, aamiin ya robbal alaamiin :)

Oh ya sebagai rasa syukur kami, nikmati diskon sebesar 30% untuk produk-produk pilihan hanya di!

Assalammualaikum beautiful!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Such! February Offers!

 Mix & Match our Cerruti Package with Victorian Pattern Scarf!

Wear our Layered Top with Maxi Drape Skirt or Pencil Skirt to get classy look! (find them at
Want to look formal? Combine our Basic Maxi Skirt with Coral or Ultra Coat! (available at

Already have our Mini Collection? (available at Wear them with our fabulous Layered Top!

Its so simple & easy, Such! Layered Top & Basic Maxi Skirt! Wear them with any other Such! collection!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Holiday Announcement!

Assalamaulaikum beautiful!
We would like to inform you that we would be having Umrah from January 25th until February 2nd, Inshaallah :)
You still can put an order in our blog, but the delivery will continue on February 3rd.
Anyway, if you want to get our products in time, you can shop at :)

Thank you for your understanding, we are very sorry and hope for your blessing :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Such! Cerruti: Cotton Candy Series!

Assalamualaikum beautiful!
Introducing our latest sweet colors for Cerruti Scarf: Summer Pink, Stone Gray, Soft Turquoise, Powder Blue, Peach & Milk Yellow!
Simply click here to order :)

Reseller are welcome, please click HERE to order or email to: for further info.

*Colors in the picture and actual might be different due to lighting and color balance of the photos.
*Type of cloth fabrics might be different for each colors due to stocking from the distributor.