Inner Scarf Ninja

Made from Hi-Quality Silk Spandex, Such! Inner Scarf Ninja is convenient and suitable for everyday wear.
The stitching is very fit and comfortable for any facial contours.
The front of this product is long enough to cover your chest.
With velcro and string behind the product, our neck will be fully covered.
The usefulness of this product makes it a must-have basic product!

Price for Such! Inner Scarf Ninja Collection is IDR65,000.
1kg consist of 10 pieces of inner.

We're welcome reseller both local or overseas, please kindly click HERE to order or you can email us at: for further information.

*Colors in the picture and actual might be different due to lighting and color balance of the photos.
*Type of cloth fabrics might be different for each colors due to stocking from the distributor.


  1. Hello... can do shipping to singapore? How much is the charges?

  2. hello can you ship to uae(abu dhabi) nd how much per piece?

    1. InsyaAllah we can dear :)
      per piece is IDR65,000 or around 20 dirham

  3. mb<q udh trsfer dan comprm,,,bnr gk ats nm eka yusnita,

  4. aslamu alaikum what is shipping fee to Canada for 6 inner ninja scarfs