Friday, March 23, 2012

NEW ARRIVAL: Confidence in Colors!

Assalamualaikum beautiful! as we reach our first anniversary a month ago, we announce our new color palette of Cotton Cloth Pashmina (CCP) and Inner Scarf Ninja!
All of these collection is specially made for you, our beautiful hijabers :)

Be Bold, Be Beautiful! and raise your Confidence in Colors!

New CCP color pallette:

New Inner color pallette:

Please note that starting from 24th of March 2012, the price for CCP is changed to IDR 55.000 for basic and IDR 65.000 for DENIM.
While the price for Inner is changed to IDR 65.000

We really appreciate you as our beautiful and loyal customers, all these changes are intended for the good of us all.
We cherish your understanding and cooperation :)
Thank you very much beautiful!


  1. pengeennn orderrr lagiii...
    mesti rajin nabung duluuu eeehh...
    see u CCP heheh

  2. Mbag..nich cara pesan lwt apa ya??
    bisa lgsg order kn? Trus ntar uang'nya lwt ATM...

  3. wahh so beautifull... hmm jadi naksir lagi kan .. heheh ^_^ kudu order niih

  4. cara pesennya gimana ya?
    via email? sms? atau komen di sini?