Saturday, May 5, 2012


Assalamualaikum beautiful! Following our previous post on planning expansion into Malaysia which has been discussed more than a year ago, Such! is now available in Malaysia! Quoting our previous post, 
"For thatwe intend to expand our business into "go international" by working together with local businessmen who are also interested in selling our products in Malaysia. That way, you who live in Malaysia and interested in buying our products do not need to spend extra costs to pay the shipping charges. Hopefully this plan can be soon  realized... Amiin.."
hopefully Such! appearance in Malaysia can provide you choices of stylish and syar'i hijabs products.

Our beautiful hijabers in Malaysia now can buy our product through Lana Store. For a moment, we only provide Cotton Cloth Pashmina, Inner Scarf Ninja, Printed Scarf & Shiffon Crepe Shawl. As time goes by, we will gradually increase our product line in the future. Hopefully Such! can be well accepted and last for a long time in Malaysia, and also getting bigger and spreads to other countries, aamiin!

Below are some photos on their site, enjoy! :)

For any inquiries, please send email to:, and you can also follow their twitter @lanastore.
Now go check Lana Store website and find what you are searching for! :D

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