Friday, March 30, 2012

Such! Dress Collection!

Assalamualaikum beautiful! we are pleased to offer you our latest collection :) Specially designed by Suci Utami herself, Side Wing Obi Dress is suitable for family or friends gathering. Available in two colors, Red and Green-Brown, these dress cost you IDR300.000 :)
 Side Wing Obi Dress Green-Brown; IDR300.000

 Side Wing Obi Dress Red; IDR300.000

Below is Such! Wavy Top Tosca-Deep Blue combine with Such! Basic Dress Deep Blue, not only for young energetic women, these combination also suitable for pregnant mommy, hihi ;) You can get bundle price for this combination for IDR500.000. So worthy! ;)

Such! Wavy Top available in Gray-Black, Tosca-Deep Blue, Green-Choco, Hot Pink, Purple-Maroon, Mint Green, Plain Green & Plain Purple.
Such! Basic Dress available in Blue, Tosca, Fuschia, Hot Pink, Maroon, Purple, Green Moss, Choco, Mint Green, Deep Green, Soft Pink, White, Deep Purple, Gray, Green & Red.

Such! Wavy Top (IDR285.000); Such! Basic Dress (IDR235.000); fabric: cotton jersey


  1. mba such! Itu yg gbr dress yg paling atas harganya 300k?? Deskripsi bjunya apa y?itu pke cardi y?

  2. That wavy top is so original, I love it! Does it come in different sizes? (I am not Asian and I'm kind of fat so if there are limited sizes I'm out of luck) Do you ship internationally?